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Philanthropy is at the very core of our organization and our chapter. In the last few years we have partnered with several organizations, some local some far, some musical some not, and we hope to continue extending our reach to more communities in need. 

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2018 - 2019

This year we are partnering with a Tulsa music staple - the bART Center for Music! Our sisters are pioneering a brand new choral music program at the bART. We direct, teach, and support the students in this choral program. In addition, all of our philanthropy funds raised this academic year will go to funding community outreach programs for underserved communities at the bART.

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2017 - 2018

In Spring of 2018 we chose a philanthropy near to our hearts and near to our chapter. After Hurricane Harvey hit the city of Houston many local schools were left with flooded music rooms, molded sheet music, and destroyed instruments. We held an instrument drive for Sullivan Middle School in Houston, TX to help replace their lost inventory as well as raised funds for their program to use to rebuild.

Music Class

2016 - 2017

In Fall of 2017 we partnered with a Sigma Gamma alumni who is currently teaching at a local Tulsa Public Schools elementary. We spent many, many hours in the classroom, bonding with the kids and inspiring them to strive for a higher education. In addition we raised enough money for the teacher to purchase new instruments, including many Orff instruments, for her classroom.


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