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The 3rd Week of Every Semester



How It Works

The third week of every semester the Sigma Gamma Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota invites the women of the University of Tulsa to join us for a week of fun, informal recruitment events followed by one formal recruitment event. Some past events include craft nights, movie nights, outdoor games, board game nights, and coffee shops. The formal event is always a banquet style event with a fun theme and yummy snacks. Check out our Events page for more information on our upcoming recruitment events!


Are there membership requirements?

Sigma Alpha Iota requires that all members have completed at least one semester at the University they are seeking initiation at as well as have completed a minimum of one course in Music and maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher. For further information please attend a recruitment event or contact our chapter!

Do I have to attend every event?

No! We would love to see you at as many events as possible, but understand that your time is precious. However, we recommend that you attend at least one informal event in addition to the formal event. This allows you to meet more sisters and gather a variety of information about our chapter!

What is the dress code?

For our informal events we invite you to come as you are! Please wear what you feel comfortable in, we just ask that it be appropriate. For the formal event we ask that you dress 'business casual'. This means a nice dress or slacks. Please no denim!

Can I attend if I am ineligible for membership?

Yes! If you are a first semester freshman or transfer student or have not yet taken a Music class but are planning to, we invite you to come meet us! We would love to get your information and invite you back to future recruitments!

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